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Friday, July 13, 2012

Water... Campus Cultural (Venice of the Valley) in Need of Canals and Waterways

MORRIS ILLINOISWATERFRONT PROPERTY. Cruise down the Illinois or Des Plaines ...
500 × 305 - 34 k - jpg

Riverfront Property. 2 bedroom - 1 bathroom, 1200 sq ft on 3.78 Acres.
480 × 360 - 14 k - jpg

Properties like "riverfront property guadalupe river": ...
480 × 361 - 38 k - jpg

SPRINGFIELD – The city, which has been leasing a riverfront property to the ...
1000 × 664 - 131 k - jpg

Opportunities to purchase PRIMERIVERFRONT property like this are rare.
480 × 360 - 16 k - jpg

Video walkthrough of wooded,riverfront property located in East Palatka, ...
480 × 360 - 12 k - jpg

What would you do withriverfront property?
996 × 566 - 384 k - jpg

Homes for Sale - 109 Kelton Lane *Riverfront Property* - Chesapeake, ...
480 × 360 - 9 k - jpg

... lake lots, horse properties,riverfront property and commercial real ...
500 × 333 - 164 k - gif

Riverfront Property for sale
640 × 480 - 236 k - jpg

EAST WENATCHEE, WARiverfront Real Estate ...
640 × 480 - 85 k - jpg

Wild side on the NeuseRiverfront property bordered by the 160000 acrae ...
800 × 605 - 149 k - jpg

Lower Sacramento riverfront property
1000 × 686 - 207 k - jpg

Riverfront Property
1024 × 793 - 302 k - jpg

525 × 400 - 56 k - jpg

Bayfield, CO Riverfront Property...
640 × 398 - 31 k

Bayfield, CO Riverfront Property...
640 × 425 - 32 k

Columbia river front home
902 × 717 - 197 k - jpg

House For Sale Riverfront Property in Riverton Manitoba. Contact the seller
666 × 500 - 334 k - jpg

Prime Bayview waterfront property with 3 BR, 1 Bath home screened porch, ...
458 × 306 - 71 k - jpg

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Nexus 7 starts shipping to those who preordered -- available in Gamestop for anyone

Summary: Buyers who preordered the Nexus 7 tablet from Google are pretty excited to get the gadget. Some of them may be upset when they hear they could have dropped by Gamestop today and picked one up even without a preorder.

Google Nexus 7 tablet

The $200 Nexus 7 tablet excited quite a few folks when unveiled at Google I/O recently. Many pulled out their credit cards and preordered a Nexus 7 from Google, expecting to get it as soon as it was available. Some are getting notifications from Google that their precious has shipped to arrive soon. Others are just going to the Gamestop retail stores and buying one today. No preorder necessary.

I started getting word on Twitter today that preorders were indeed shipping from Google, as early buyers were getting email notification from Google that the Nexus 7 was on the way. I am still waiting notification that mine has left the station on its way to me.

Upon getting word that the Nexus 7 was beginning to ship, some without orders headed to retail outlets carrying the tablet to see if they were available today. I've gotten word from two of them on Twitter that indeed the local Gamestop store had them for sale, no preorder necessary.

Needless to say some anxious purchasers of the Nexus 7 are a bit upset to not have their tablet ordered weeks ago, especially when others just go to the store and pick one up. Google needs to take a page from the Apple manual and make sure that all who preorder a device get them at the same time.

My own preorder has been a bit puzzling. When I placed the order a few weeks ago the charge hit my bank account as pending. Earlier this week the purchase with Google changed to charged and the purchase amount was deducted from the account. That was good news to me as it indicated the Nexus 7, that I am anxious to receive, would soon be on its way.

Today, the day others are getting those shipping notices and others are buying the Nexus 7 locally, the entire purchase price was removed from my bank account. I now haven't paid for my tablet according to the bank and to Google. It's like getting thrown off the bus to wait for the next one, I guess.

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