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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Rules of 16" SoftBall Agenda Cultural Digital District Campus Universidad Fernando Noveno @ UPI newsRus.com

16" Soft Ball

The sport takes root in the Western World , eventhough, there is no proof that it might of originated in the Far East. Pieter Bruegel demonstrates in some of his early early work the games played during the discovery of the New World.

Fernando IX University

16” Softball Rules and Regulations:  Games will be 9 innings. Extra innings will be played to determine the winner. There will be no ties.

 4. There is a run rule: if a team is ahead 20 runs after 5 innings, 15 runs after 6 innings, 10 runs after 7 or 8 innings of play they will be declared the winner.

 5. Games will start on time. Additional players showing up late will be added to end of batting order. There will be 2 practice pitched between innings and no infield practice after the 1st inning. 

6. Official score will be kept by home team. The park district will provide a score card that needs to be turned into the team captain and then given to the athletic supervisor. 

7. Games will be played with 10 players on the field. Games can start with a minimum of 8 players on the field.

 8. This is a free substitution league. Any player can be substituted at any time more than once. A continuous batting order may be used. Or, you can bat 10 (players that are in the field) and/or 11 with an extra hitter.

 9. Courtesy Runner: can be used in case of injury during game. Courtesy runner will be the player who made the last out. There will be one courtesy runner allowed per inning. 

10. Balls and strikes: You will start with a 1 and 1 count. After 3 balls a walk will be awarded. You get 2 strikes. The first foul ball will be a strike. A second foul ball will result in an out. 

11. A mat will be used for balls and strikes. Any ball contacting the mat or the plate will be called a strike. 

12. A pitched ball must be delivered at a minimum height of the batter’s head. Any ball failing to do so will be called a ball (unless the batter swings at it). This is an unlimited arch league. The pitcher has 5 seconds to deliver the pitch. 

13. Runners are not allowed to lead off. The runner cannot leave the base until the batter makes contact with the ball. There is no courtesy step. 

14. To avoid contact at home plate there will be a point-of-no-return line (approx. half way between 3rd and home). Runner cannot and will not touch home plate or the mat. A play at the plate will be a force out with the catcher’s foot on the plate and the runner having to cross the end line that is in line with home plate. Runner will be called out for touching the plate at any time. 

15. This is a NO Contact league. There will be no contact (as in elbows, lowering of shoulders, etc) while running in base paths to avoid being tagged out on force play. Sliding into a fielder to break up a double play is permitted. 

16. There will be a homerun limit of (5) every homerun after that will result in an OUT! 

17. A bat for this league is a SOFTBALL bat. The softball bat can be any style, make or model. NO Baseball bats can be used. 

18. There are no bunts in this league. Batter must make a full swing at the pitched ball. Full swing usually consists of batter breaking wrists while swinging. Any batter attempting a checked swing or bunt will be called out regardless of the ball being fair or foul. 

19. Rainout will be reschedule at the end of the schedule.

 20. ZERO-Tolerance – Unsportsman like conduct will not be tolerated. A first offense will result in an ejection from the game. Second offense will be an ejection from the league for the remainder of the season. There will be no paid umpires officiating game. It is the responsibility of the 2 teams to agree upon calls. 

21. Each team in their own games will furnish umpires. If there is a disputed call. Only the umpire and the two coaches will settle it. AT NO TIME WILL A PLAYER ARGUE OR DISPUTE A CALL. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A FUN RECREATIONAL LEAGUE. THERE ARE NO PAID UMPIRES TO KEEP THE COST OF THE LEAGUE AFFORDABLE. 

22. There will be no protests. Any major disputes will be decided by the Freeport Park District’s Athletic Supervisor if present. 

23. Rosters will remain open throughout the season and tournament. If you need to add players to fill out roster or to be able to play the game please do so. We do not want any forfeits. However you may not pick up other teams players just because they are better. If you have enough player to play whether it is 8 or 9 players it up to the others team coach to allow additional players from another team. 

24. The regular scheduled games will seed the tournament. The tournament winner will get a choice of trophy or t-shirts. 

25. Metal cleats are no allowed. Warning will be given on first offense. Player must change footwear to continue playing. Second offense will result in team forfeit. 

Fernando IX University

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