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Monday, October 1, 2012

Introduction to Mathematical Thinking @ FIX University

  1. Miniatura3:42
  2. Introduction to Mathematical Thinking with Keith Devlin

  3. The course "Introduction to Mathematical Thinking" by Executive Director of Stanford University's H-STAR institute and a co-founder of the ...
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  5. de coursera
  6. 1. Course Introduction and Newtonian Mechanics

  7. Fundamentals of Physics (PHYS 200) Professor Shankar introduces the course and answers student questions about the material and the requirements ...
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  8. hace 4 años149010 reproducciones
  9. de YaleCourses
  10. Lec 1 | MIT 6.00 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Fall 2008

  11. Lecture 1: Goals of the course; what is computation; introduction to data types, operators, and variables Instructors: Prof. Eric Grimson, Prof ...
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  12. hace 3 años1139741 reproducciones
  13. de MIT
  14. Course Introduction | MIT 3.091SC Introduction to Solid State Chemistry, Fall 2010

  15. Introduction to Solid State Chemistry is a first-year single-semester college course on the principles of chemistry. This unique and popular ...
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  17. de MIT
  18. Learning to Think Critically

    Mark Hoffman typically begins his elective course in Critical Thinking (CRT 100) by asking students what they did during the first hour after ...
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  19. 1. Introduction

  20. Frontiers/Controversies in Astrophysics (ASTR 160) Professor Bailyn introduces the course and discusses the course material and requirements. The ...
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  22. de YaleCourses
  23. Course Introduction | 2.71 Optics, Fall 2004

  24. Prof. George Barbastathis gives an overview of the course. View the complete course at: ocw.mit.edu License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More ...
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  26. de MIT
  27. AlgTop2: Homeomorphism and the group structure on a circle

  28. logically correct thinking in mathematics. ... njwildberger ... AlgTop2 Algebraic topology mathematics course UNSW Wildberger ...
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  30. de njwildberger
    1. Miniatura
    2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    3. The mission of MIT is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the ...
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    2. de MIT
    1. Dr. Lionel LaCroix: Mathematics Activity in Workplace Training

    2. Dr. Lionel LaCroix spoke as part of the "Alternative Forms of Knowledge Construction in Mathematics and Science" lecture series in Portland ...
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    2. de PCCvideos
    3. Class 01 Reading Marx's Capital Vol I with David Harvey

    4. Class 1 Introduction. An open course consisting of a close reading of the text of Volume I of Marx's Capital in 13 video lectures by Professor ...
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    6. de readingcapital
    7. INTRODUCTION TO TRIZ film 1 of 6

    8. The University of Bath (UK) is introducing a new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course to develop problem solving and creative thinking ...
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    10. de biotriz
    11. Elementary Mathematics (K-6) Explained 0: Introduction

    12. This is an introduction to a new series that explains the elementary mathematics involved in K-6. The series is meant for those who are teaching ...
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    13. hace 11 meses5057 reproducciones
    14. de njwildberger
    15. Project Maths - Teacher Training - Galway Education Centre

    16. This workshop focused on problem solving. The RDO modelled and exemplified effective ways for teaching and learning problem solving such as the ...
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    18. de ProjectMathsVideo
    19. Lecture 1 | Machine Learning (Stanford)

      Ng provides an overview of the course in this introductory meeting. This course provides a broad introduction to machine learning and ...
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      de StanfordUniversity
    20. Lec 24 | MIT 6.00 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Fall 2008

    21. Lecture 24: Course overview; what do computer scientists do? Instructors: Prof. Eric Grimson, Prof. John Guttag View the complete course at: ocw ...
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    22. hace 3 años37580 reproducciones
    23. de MIT
    24. Math Tricks and the Joy of Math I The Great Courses

      www.thegreatcourses.com Welcome to the Joy of Math. I'm Arthur Benjamin, Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College. Many people, when they ...
      hace 1 año13528 reproducciones
      de TheGreatCourses
    25. Introduction to Symbolic Logic

      A brief intro to symbolic logic. Because it's so difficult to produce movies for YouTube (the 10-minute time limit makes me have to stop-and-start ...
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      de rdanneskjold11
    26. 1 1 Course Introduction

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    29. de Rafael Merino García
    30. Lec 4 | MIT 6.046J / 18.410J Introduction to Algorithms (SMA 5503), Fall 2005

    31. Lecture 04: Quicksort, Randomized Algorithms View the complete course at: ocw.mit.edu License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at ocw ...
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    33. de MIT
    1. Calculus

    1. de artturinn
    1. Matematicas

    1. de Luis Javier Hernández

kickstarter.comPart math book, part online event, Punk Mathematics is an introduction to ...
560 × 420 - 20 k - jpg

learn4good.com... reading readiness and an introduction to mathematical thinking.
250 × 188 - 10 k - jpg

unesco.orgIt promotes the Mathematical Thinking Course as the first step ...
800 × 536 - 259 k - jpg

thegraphicrecorder.comIntroduction to Mathematical Thinking Sketchnotes - Lecture 0
150 × 150 - 9 k - jpg

helpcentro.blogspot.comIntroduction to Mathematical Thinking. Course begins on September 17, 2012
380 × 220 - 37 k - png

amazon.comIntroduction to Mathematical Thinking: The Formation of Concepts in Modern ...
300 × 300 - 16 k - jpg

amazon.co.ukConjecture and Proofs: An Introduction to Mathematical Thinking
300 × 300 - 22 k - jpg

downeu.netAn Introduction to Mathematical Analysis for Economic Theory and ...
400 × 577 - 48 k - jpeg

paperbackswap.comConjecture and Proofs: An Introduction to Mathematical Thinking
210 × 258 - 17 k - jpg

amazon.comIntroduction to Mathematical Thinking 0615653634 Keith Devlin Keith Devlin ...
55 × 82 - 3 k - jpg

zero-games.ru... this book is an informal introduction to mathematical thinking.
213 × 300 - 29 k - jpeg

amazon.comIntroduction to Mathematical Finance: American Mathematical Society Short ...
300 × 300 - 14 k - jpg

downeu.netJoy of Thinking The Beauty and Power of Classical Mathematical Ideas
450 × 450 - 16 k - jpg

fmhs.auckland.ac.nzExamples used in the course will revolve around applications of mathematics ...
140 × 186 - 28 k - jpg

gcsu.eduRecommended Area D course: MATH 2400 Introduction to Mathematical Thought
206 × 283 - 41 k - jpg

amazon.comIntroduction to Mathematical Thinking
106 × 160 - 6 k - jpg

jasss.soc.surrey.ac.ukIntroduction to Mathematical Sociology is an handbook aimed at introducing ...
350 × 500 - 64 k - gif

amazon.comIntroduction to Mathematical Thinking
100 × 100 - 4 k - jpg

barnesandnoble.comThe Math Gene: How Mathematical Thinking Evolved and Why Numbers Are Like ...
300 × 459 - 33 k - jpg

amazon.comMathematical Thinking: Problem-Solving and Proofs (2nd Edition)
300 × 300 - 15 k - jpg

More FIX on the NET @ FIX University Cultural Campus

Welcome to Spring Semester 2013

Fernando IX University
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 Dear FIX,

In Assignment 9 (Week 5) we have a trial run of the Peer Assessment system, prior to its full deployment for the final exam. For me, this is by far the most uncertain part of the course. Having tried peer assessment in small physical classes a few times over the years, I eventually dropped it. I felt it simply requires too much knowledge and experience in the field to give good, helpful, constructive feedback. At the very least, a graduate student in the field is required, and often I would do all my own grading.

But with a class of 60,000 students, there is no alternative to peer review, if students' work is to be evaluated by qualitative criteria. It may be that, since MOOCs like mine are free and, absent the award of official credentials, are focused on voluntary learning for its own sake, it may be possible to make it work. The only way to find out is to try it.

But it is very definitely an experiment, and I ask everyone to approach it in that way. I am hoping that we will learn enough from this first try of the system to produce a better version the next time i give the course. (So, yes, as first adopters, you are the guinea pigs!) The engineers at Coursera are still developing the peer review module, and are currently adapting it to meet my specific requirements. It will be that new!

Peer evaluation does have some things in its favor (see the
discussion on the course website), but results from other MOOCs have been mixed. There is some discussion of the issues in this blog.

We'll all be leaping off the cliff together. I hope you enjoy the drop. :-)

-- KD

More FIX on the NET @ FIX University Cultural Campus

Welcome to Spring Semester 2013

Fernando IX University

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Fernando IX University

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Derecho a Ver - Muestra itinerante de cine documental y derechos humanos


Mientras los documentales de la primera edición de Derecho a Ver siguen su itinerancia por el territorio colombiano y parte del extranjero (DF en México, Málaga en España).

Próximamente se podrá consultar la programación para las diferentes ciudades en esta página.

Fernando IX University


JGB Hall Libray Building: Calle 5 No 24A – 91 / Barrio 3 de julio


'Revuelta Colombia' Dirigido por Octavi Royo Olazaguirre Duración: 30 minutos País: Colombia España Un grupo de locos de la vida se juntan en un autobús y viajan por las zonas más dañadas por el conflicto que sufre Colombia para dar talleres y espectáculos a cambio de sonrisas y vida.


'Mi amigo Diego' Dirigido por Rob Brouwer and Pablo Eppelin Duración: 44 minutos País: Países Bajos Luis Alberto Alarcón, ex miembro de la seguridad del presidente Allende (GAP) decide contar su experiencia en las cárceles y centros de tortura durante los meses siguientes al golpe de estado militar en Chile. Un juez le solicita viajar a Chile para enfrentar en un careo al hombre que le torturó y le ha perseguido en sus pesadillas durante todos estos años.


'Los hilos de Penélope' Dirigido por Colectivo Circes Duración: 50 minutos País: España Tres mujeres de Barcelona deciden hacer un documental en el pueblo de origen de sus amigos donde las mujeres viven en la ausencia de los hombres migrantes durante la mayor parte del año. Inspiradas en Penélope de la Odisea, en su imaginario conciben a las mujeres como tejedoras de un vínculo capaz de orientar el destino de los suyos.


'De luna a luna' Dirigido por Diana Kuellar Duración: 11 minutos País: Colombia De luna a luna cuenta el día a día de dos mujeres colombianas. Por medio de sus historias, el documental intenta visibilizar el exceso de trabajo que recae en las mujeres que a la vez son madres, trabajadoras, campesinas, cabezas de familia y que no cuentan con protección social.

Fernando IX University

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